Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just handle workplace expansion ourselves?

You’re about to embark on a very expensive and time-consuming endeavour that will affect every employee (both current and future) in your company. Don’t forget, you also have your own full time job to do. You hire the best in class for every other role in your company. If you can’t justify hiring a full-time Head of Workplace Expansion quite yet, you have us.

How are you different from a broker?

We are not a brokerage--we act as your in-house point of contact for the broker. (If you’ve worked with facilities and real estate ops teams before, think expansion manager and/or tenant rep.) We ensure that what your broker brings to the table meets the needs of the company, and then act on your behalf to evaluate the options, and help negotiate the right lease terms. Once the lease is signed and the broker’s work is done, we act as your project lead, taking you through design, construction and move-in.

What about coworking?

Coworking is a great solution for some companies (to test a market, or for just a small handful of employees), and for others it is a stepping stone to your own direct lease. We help evaluate your markets to best understand your strategy and spend, and whether/where coworking is right for you.

We already have several coworking spaces.

At some point you need to develop a strategy and framework for managing costs and your coworking portfolio. We help you understand the efficiency of each location and when/whether to double down on specific locations to focus your growth, and when/whether to build your own office.

We have a great recruiting team. How can you help us?

We have trusted recruiting partners across the country who are local talent experts in emerging tech hubs. Together, we will help fill your recruiting funnel with candidates that meet your criteria.

What is your customer sweet spot?

We handle expansion for any company that is looking to open a new office. Most of our current customers are Series B technology startups with roughly 100-500 employees that are looking to expand their current footprint, and don’t have their own in-house expansion team.

What does an engagement with BeyondHQ look like?

We set up a meeting with you to kick off our discovery and strategy period. We ask deep dive questions to learn about you and your needs. Then, we create a strategy and present a project blueprint that’s tailored specifically for your company. We manage the execution of this blueprint, keeping you in the loop throughout the process.